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S P Jain student playing golf

S P Jain students played Golf

Friday, 11th November, 2013: In the dynamic world of business, it’s all play and show. One game that helps people network is golf. It’s no secret that golf is a widely accepted venue for conducting business and forwarding relationships. A recent research by Starwood Hotel shows an interesting role of golf for business, and thus business students:

  • 97% executives view golf with a business associate as a way to establish a close relationship
  • 92% use golf as a way to make business contacts.
  • More than 50 % say there is no better way, to get to know associates and clients. The second best way is a business meal.
  • 45 % say clients are more likely to give you their business if you golf together.
  • 43% executives say some of their biggest deals have been made or started on the golf course.
  • 59 % believe that the way a person plays golf is the way he or she behaves in business.
  • 67 % respondents say that a person who cheats at golf would probably cheat in business.
  • 92 % say people stressed at work would get more relief if they golfed.

S P Jain student playing golf

S P Jain’s Student Life in Singapore arranged an unforgettable out of class activity for the MGB and GMBA September 13 students, a Golf Clinic, to appreciate golf and golf etiquettes at JT Golf Academy under guidance of Mr. Johari Suboh and Mr. John Tan, award winning golf teaching professionals.

During the intensive 3 hour training session, we were exposed to various golf rules, use of different golf club and their significance, how to make a proper swing and maintaining the right posture, golf etiquettes, and some golf jargons.

The session started with the showcase of a giant automated washer which cleaned the golf balls and stocked the golf ball vending machines!

After that, real golf training started. Reaching the practice range, each of us was provided with a golf practice mat and golf club No. 7. Learning to swing at perfection on the first day was a long shot, but many budding golfers got close! A team of 2 trainers helped us personally with the swings, posture, and helped develop their game. The large open practice range allowed a range of 300m where S P  Jain golfers achieved 150m, 30m above the average range of golf club 7!

After practicing at the range for the first few hours and being completely exhausted, all of us were taken to a classroom where they were explained various nomenclatures used in golf for scoring from ‘birdie’ to ‘eagle’ to par’ in each hole to names of different areas of a golf course. We also learnt about the ‘Handicap’ calculation, a numerical measure of a golfer’s potential playing ability based on the tees played for a given course (past golfing experience) and its implication for creating a fair game.

The session ended with Mr Johari explaining importance of business golf and its advantage, persuading each student to learn golf as a tool for business. The session left us with a better understanding of golf and a bent of mind towards learning this great game. But again, golf isn’t everybody’s game. It required a lot of practice and commitment. Just like business!

Sources: S P Jain School of Global Management